Monday, November 21

2011 Movies, Part II

July 2011
35. Cowboys & Aliens (theater)
36. How Do You Know (dvr)
37. Crazy Stupid Love (theater)
38. Jumping the Broom (Redbox)
39. Arthur (Redbox)

September 2011
40. Contagion (theater)
41. Dinner for Schmucks (dvr)
42. 50/50 (theater)

October 2011
43. What's Your Number? (theater)
44. Ides of March (theater)
45. I Am Number Four (dvr)

November 2011
46. Last Night (Netflix streaming)
47. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I (theater)

December 2011
48. The Descendants (theater)
49. The Family Stone (dvd)
50. Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (theater)

Wednesday, August 17

20on20: August 2011

1. "Lights" - Ellie Goulding, Lights
2. "Let Your Head Go" - Victoria Beckham, Open Your Eyes
3. "The Gentle Rain"(RJD2 Remix) - Astrid Gilberto & RDJ2, Verve Remixed 3
4. "Coleen" (feat. The Dap-Kings Horns) - The Heavy, Great Vengeance & Furious Fire
5. "Moves Like Jagger" (feat. Christina Aguilera) - Maroon 5, Hands All Over
6. "High For This" - The Weeknd, House of Balloons
7. "Carl Goes Up" - Michael Giacchino, Up (Original Soundtrack)
8. "Gettin' Over You" (feat. Fergie & LMFAO) - David Guetta & Chris Willis
9. "I Love New York/New York, New York" - Glee Cast
10. "Blow" - Ke$ha, Cannibal
11. "Run The World (Girls)" - Beyonce, 4
12. "Crystalized" - The XX, XX
13. "Rolling in the Deep" - Adele, 21
14. "Like A G6" - Far East Movement, Free Wired
15. "Thriller/Heads Will Roll" - Glee Cast
16. "When I Get You Alone" - Robin Thicke, A Beautiful World
17. "Felicity's Theme" - W.G.Snuffy Walden
18. "Blackbird" - Sarah McLachlan, Rarities, B-Sides, & Other Stuff
19. "Bittersweet Faith" - Bitter:Sweet, The Mating Game
20. "No Day But Today" - Idina Menzel, self-titled

Masterpiece Classics: Downton Abbey

Wednesday, July 27

2011 Movies

So far, this is what I've been watching besides the numerous television shows that I am spending my time with these days...

1. Easy A (Redbox)
2. The Dilemma (theater)
3. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (dvr)

4. She's Out of My League (dvr)
5. Taken (dvr)
6. Youth In Revolt (dvr)
7. Unknown (theater)
8. The End of the Affair (dvr)
9. Up In The Air (dvr)

10. The Adjustment Bureau (theater)
11. Twilight: Eclipse (Redbox)
12. An Education (dvr)

13. Our Family Wedding (dvr)
14. Just Wright (dvr)

15. Thor (theater)
16. Bridesmaids (theater)
17. Burlesque (Redbox)
18. The Kids Are Alright (dvr)
19. Strictly Sexual (Hulu stream)
20. The Last Run (dvr)
21. The Good Guy (Netflix stream)
22. The Other Woman (Redbox)
23. The Romantics (Redbox)
24. The Back-up Plan (dvr)

25. X-Men:First Class (theater)
26. Green Lantern (drive-in)
27. Something Borrowed (drive-in)
28. Bad Teacher (theater)
29. Green Lantern (ashamed - it was a horrible movie)

30. Despicable Me (dvr)
31. Going the Distance (dvr)
32. Killers (Netflix stream)
33. Beastly (Redbox)
34. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part II (theater)

Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus (or "KP is still alive")

Yes, I actually do still check in from time to time.

Obviously, I'm not doing well at posting.

Sunday, February 20


I know that I should post a movie poster featuring Liam Neeson, whom I also love, but oh well...I really liked this movie. I felt that it was well-done. However, you should probably know that I am a person who doesn't try too hard to "figure it all out." I will let the film/show/etc. tell me what it wants me to know at any given time. I think that this is probably both a good thing and a major fail.

Monday, February 7

20on20 -- 2010 playlist

1. One Less Bell To Answer/A House Is Not A Home -
Kristin Chenoweth & Matt Morrison, Glee
2. Next Best Thing - Nikki & Rich
3. Like A Virgin - Glee Cast
4. Right Where You Want Me - Jesse McCartney, Right Where You Want Me
5. Hate On Me - Amber Riley, Glee
6. Bionic - Christina Aguilera, Bionic
7. Don't Rain On My Parade - Lea Michele, Glee
8. Cinema Italiano (Ron Fair Remix) - Kate Hudson, OST Nine
9. I Begin to Wonder - Dannii Minogue, Neon Nights
10. Believe [Moon version] - The Bravery, The Sun & The Moon
11. Telephone {feat. Beyonce} - Lady Gaga, The Fame Monster [Deluxe]
12. There's No Place Like Home - Michael Giacchino, Lost: Season 4
13. More of You - MoZella, Belle Isle
14. Just Say Yes - Snow Patrol, Up To Now
15. You Keep Me Hanging On - Dianna Agron, Glee
16. Womanizer - Britney Spears, Circus
17. Like A G6 - Far East Movement, Free Wired
18. La Ritournelle (Mr Dan's Magic Wand Mix) - Sebastian Tellier
19. Mind Heist (Music from Inception trailer) - Zach Hemsey
20. Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus, Can't Be Tamed
*21. Uprising - Muse, The Resistance

Wednesday, January 26

No Strings Attached

I know I should be embarrassed to admit that I saw this movie especially considering that I could watch quality films like True Grit or The King's Speech, but sometimes it's just nice to see a movie that everything you needed to know about it was in the trailer. BTW, Portman actually seemed sexy to me in this movie. {I kinda love/hate her in general.}

Theater: 2
2011 Running Total: 3

Tuesday, January 18

The Dilemma

So here's the deal...I enjoy V. Vaughn & K. James. Even though, their movies aren't Oscar bait, I generally know what to expect. Unfortunately, this particular movie couldn't quite decide if it was a drama or a comedy. I wanted it to be a comedy - I think it thought it could do both and succeeded as neither. Given that it was a Ron Howard movie, I can't help but wonder if the making of this movie wasn't a lot better than the actual movie.

As a sidenote: I read that Uma Thurman was up for the Winona Ryder part - I figure that Kevin James, while an awesome person and actor (conjecture), really isn't going to be married to Uma Thurman. One always tries to imagine what might make a movie better, but imagine how much worse and miscast this movie could have been.

Theater: 1
Running total: 2

Sucker Punch 3.25.11

Easy A

Can we talk about this movie? I love a good teen movie even more than the next person. As a child of the 80's, Sixteen Candles was the first movie that I saw on a videotape. It goes without saying that it was the first of many. I was more than a little excited for this Easy A. Who doesn't have a little girlcrush on E. Stone? While I enjoyed some of the throwback references to movies that I hadn't thought about in awhile (I'm lookin' at you, Can't Buy Me Love), I felt that the majority of the movie was lost on me. I really didn't find it as clever as it seemed to think it was. Disappointing. Anybody else out there have the same thought? Do I need to watch it again to "get it"?

DVD: 1
Running Total: 1