Tuesday, January 18

The Dilemma

So here's the deal...I enjoy V. Vaughn & K. James. Even though, their movies aren't Oscar bait, I generally know what to expect. Unfortunately, this particular movie couldn't quite decide if it was a drama or a comedy. I wanted it to be a comedy - I think it thought it could do both and succeeded as neither. Given that it was a Ron Howard movie, I can't help but wonder if the making of this movie wasn't a lot better than the actual movie.

As a sidenote: I read that Uma Thurman was up for the Winona Ryder part - I figure that Kevin James, while an awesome person and actor (conjecture), really isn't going to be married to Uma Thurman. One always tries to imagine what might make a movie better, but imagine how much worse and miscast this movie could have been.

Theater: 1
Running total: 2

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