Wednesday, July 27

2011 Movies

So far, this is what I've been watching besides the numerous television shows that I am spending my time with these days...

1. Easy A (Redbox)
2. The Dilemma (theater)
3. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (dvr)

4. She's Out of My League (dvr)
5. Taken (dvr)
6. Youth In Revolt (dvr)
7. Unknown (theater)
8. The End of the Affair (dvr)
9. Up In The Air (dvr)

10. The Adjustment Bureau (theater)
11. Twilight: Eclipse (Redbox)
12. An Education (dvr)

13. Our Family Wedding (dvr)
14. Just Wright (dvr)

15. Thor (theater)
16. Bridesmaids (theater)
17. Burlesque (Redbox)
18. The Kids Are Alright (dvr)
19. Strictly Sexual (Hulu stream)
20. The Last Run (dvr)
21. The Good Guy (Netflix stream)
22. The Other Woman (Redbox)
23. The Romantics (Redbox)
24. The Back-up Plan (dvr)

25. X-Men:First Class (theater)
26. Green Lantern (drive-in)
27. Something Borrowed (drive-in)
28. Bad Teacher (theater)
29. Green Lantern (ashamed - it was a horrible movie)

30. Despicable Me (dvr)
31. Going the Distance (dvr)
32. Killers (Netflix stream)
33. Beastly (Redbox)
34. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part II (theater)

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