Wednesday, February 28

The Illusionist

Surprisingly entertaining movie, but seemed derivative of Catch Me If You Can and another film that I will tell you if you ask, but can't here, because it will give away certain plotpoints. Not a fan of E. Norton, but he fit well in his role. P.Giamatti was awesome as usual. J.Biel seemed slightly (but not glaringly) miscast. Now, I can't wait to see "the other magician movie (aka The Prestige)."

2007 Tally, DVD: 11

Saturday, February 24

Calculated Risk

Photo from

This week Jan (M.Hardin) got the best lines ever!

Jan: I am taking a calculated risk. What’s the upside? I overcome my nausea, fall deeply in love, babies, normalcy, no more self-loathing. Downside, I date Michael Scott publicly and collapse into myself like a dying star.


Jan: Why is this so hard? That’s what she said. Oh my god. What am I saying?

Friday, February 23

2007 Week 8: 20on20

  1. Father Figure - George Michael, Faith
  2. Like A Prayer [Madonna cover] - Tori Amos
  3. 'Til The Dawn - Drew Sidora, Step Up OST
  4. Stand Up - Ludacris, Chicken and Beer
  5. Clumsy - Fergie, The Dutchess
  6. This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race [Funkrock Remix] - Fall Out Boy, Infinity on High
  7. Love Story - Katharine McPhee, self-titled
  8. Rise From The Ashes (acoustic) - Quietdrive, When All That's Left Is You
  9. Love Will Come Through - Travis, Love Will Come Through
  10. Jack Sparrow - Hans Zimmer, Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest OST
  11. Main Titles [Superman Returns] - John Ottman, Superman Returns OST
  12. Don't Get It Twisted - Gwen Stefani, The Sweet Escape
  13. Shelter (R.LaMontagne cover) - Kelly Clarkson
  14. Mystify - INXS, Kick
  15. Spinning Starz (Ellectrika's Overtones Mashup) - Kylie vs. Just Jack
  16. (So I'll Sit Here) Waiting - The Like, Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?
  17. A Bitter Song - Butterfly Boucher, Grey's Anatomy Season 3
  18. Shape of My Heart - Sting, Ten Summoner's Tales
  19. Is It Any Wonder - Keane, Under The Iron Sea
  20. Meet Me in the Red Room - Moulin Rouge, Vol 2 OST

Thursday, February 22

Marie Antoinette

Dunst is effervescent as the young queen and Schwartzman, endearing as the bumbling young king. It's a bit "MTV-generation" history, but well-done and kept my my interest throughout the two hours and even felt like a it was a short movie! Costumes and sets were amazing and the cinematography of Versailles, etc. was sweeping.

2007 Tally, DVD: 10

Monday, February 19

Music And Lyrics

Cute, utterly predictable romantic comedy - liked it a lot anyway. :-) Premise/cheesy 80's-esque pop songs were fun too. Good chemistry between Grant and Barrymore.

2007 Tally, Theatre: 4

Sunday, February 18

School For Scoundrels

BB Thorton owns his role and is hilarious as the teacher of the "school". Heder is funny too [although it's tough not to see him as Napoleon Dynamite]. Never thought of the job of meter maid/parking cop was comedic, but in this movie with the little traffic truck - gold!

2007 Tally, DVD: 9

Friday, February 16

Step Up

C.Tatum is pretty. (I hope Mr. H enjoys this review as much as the one for Crank.)

2007 Tally, DVD: 8

Thursday, February 15

The Covenant

This movie was basically like the tv show 'Charmed' except with boy witches. My only question is this - and I understand it was supposed to add to the mood of the thriller, but... - "What boarding school doesn't light its dorm hallways?" That was a little much.

2007 Tally, DVD: 7

Monday, February 12

Are You Getting 'Dirt'-y?

When the commercials started early fall during my weekly viewing of Nip/Tuck, I was curious. And then when every commercial break featured a Dirt spot, I started tuning out. However, January 2nd and that Peter Gabriel song were locked into my head.

I watched; nothing else on 10pm, January 2nd. It had some potential, but definitely wasn't a "must-see." A few more weeks without competition and I continued to watch. Usually I give a show 2 episodes to make it or break it, but this time, I was lenient. Again, nothing else better to watch. So here we are, Episode 6.

It's finally getting interesting - Creepy schizo photo guy is not the main attraction, P.Reubens acts well in his featured role, Cox has totally hot scene w. J.Stewart, actual story "research" is shown. Decent episode all around.

Of course, Season finale's (not sure when that is) guest star is Aniston, so even though it is such a publicity game, I'm psyched to see a) the actual episode and b) if that will save the show and give it a second season.

Thursday, February 8

Employee of the Month

Thankfully, this wasn't a movie where the 30second tv spot was better than the entire shebang. Character development (unsurprisingly) was poor. Cook & Simpson were (surprisingly) likeable and even believable as a couple. The whole idea of a price club was pretty awesome with the secret areas of the shelves and the "politics" of it all - completely ludicrous, but funny nonetheless.

2007 Tally, DVD: 6

Wednesday, February 7

2007, Week 6: 20on20

  1. Ships - Umbrellas, Illuminare
  2. Meet Me in the Red Room - Moulin Rouge OST, Vol. 2
  3. What Goes Around...Comes Around - Justin Timberlake, Futuresex/Lovesounds
  4. Here We Go Again (UK Surf mix) - Ok Go, Oh No
  5. Rise From The Ashes (acoustic) - Quietdrive, When All That's Left Is You
  6. Raspberry Beret - Prince, Around the World in a Day
  7. We Used to be Friends (VM new credits version) - Dandy Warhols, Veronica Mars (tv)
  8. Not Ur Girl - Katharine McPhee, Katharine McPhee
  9. Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway
  10. Caravan - The John Buzon Trio, Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 4: Bachelor Pad Royale
  11. Home (acoustic) & Crashed (acoustic) - Daughtry, Daughtry
  12. Is It Any Wonder - Keane, Under the Iron Sea
  13. When Doves Cry (Prince cover) - Damien Rice
  14. Three More Days - Ray LaMontagne, Til the Sun Turns Black
  15. Shape of my Heart - Sting, Ten Summoner's Tales
  16. All The Dark Horses - The Trash Can Sinatras, Weighlifting
  17. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts
  18. This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race - Fall Out Boy, Infinity On High
  19. Bittersweet Faith - Bitter:Sweet, The Mating Game
  20. The Way I Want To Be - The Village Green, The Village Green EP

Monday, February 5

The Queen

Acting was amazing in the film. Somewhat uncanny how H.Mirren inhabited the role. Fascinating 'behind-the-scenes' look at Britain's political workings and the monarchy. Curious that with all the talk of Mirren that others in the cast were overlooked - the acting was SO well done. It really brought me back to the time like the events were unfolding before me instead of approx. 10 years ago. Did not think that this was a "Best Film of the Year" as far as Oscar noms go - thought that Dreamgirls (even with its problems) was a better film.

Tally, theatre: 3

Saturday, February 3

Gideon's Daughter

Curious about this film because both B. Nighy and E.Blunt won the Golden Globe in their respective categories. They both were excellent in their roles, but the film itself was somewhat hard to follow. The kind of relationship that the two characters had as father and daughter was well formed and you could believe that these two people were related with all the history that was revealed throughout the film.

2007 Tally, DVD: 5

Thursday, February 1

Lines of Deliciousness

[Scene where Callie notices Addison looking hungrily at Alex Karev (Justin Chambers)]

Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) to Addison Shepherd (Kate Walsh): You know those cartoons where there's a bear or whatever and it's starving and it looks at table at a table and the table turns into this delicious cooked turkey with, like, lines of deliciousness coming off it?

A.S.: I was NOT looking at him like that because he is the help and I am not going to be sleeping with the help.