Thursday, May 31

The Oh in Ohio

P.Posey can do no wrong in my book. Had an unexpected performance from D.DeVito. Touching story about metamorphosis.

2007 Tally, DVD: 34

Tuesday, May 29

Night at the Museum

More kid-oriented than I expected, but very well-done. Taught you a bit about history without it feeling like a class. Enjoyed Stiller and thought that Gugino was under-utilized. Sideplot about the stealing seemed unnecessary.

2007 Tally, DVD: 33

Sunday, May 27

Pirates of the Carribbean: At World's End

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I have to admit after reading a few reviews and sitting through Dead Man's Chest, I wasn't expecting much from the third installment. I was pleasantly surprised! It wrapped things up for the trilogy and gave a breath of life for the possibility of a fourth. I especially liked the meeting of the Breathren Court. The sets were large and a lot of care (and obviously) money was put into it to make it look the way it did - they were almost another character, especially the ships. I didn't care for some of the existential (Being John Malkovich-esque) Jack stuff, but it led the film back to J.Depp, so I suppose that's a good thing. All the actors seemed quite comfortable in their roles and had fun with it rather than just "phoning it in" the way some sequels seem to go.

2007 Tally, Theatre: 8

Saturday, May 26


Exactly what one expects from a Sandler movie. Was hoping that it would be better from the previews, but not the worst movie I've ever seen.

2007 Tally, DVD: 32

Thursday, May 24

The Good Shepherd

Unfortunately, for my tastes, it was more like the overly long, tedious shepherd. Acting was solid, but it was just so boring and clinical. Plus A.Jolie was completely miscast as the put-upon wife - she looked like she could beat up the kinda wussy (in this film) M.Damon. Thought that T.Blanchard really shined in the film in the smallish role of the college girlfriend.

2007 Tally, DVD: 31

Friday, May 18

Because I Said So

With such a great cast and decent trailer, I was so hoping this would be good, even though the reviews were not. Unfortunately, I'm never getting that 1.55 hours of my life back. It was too long, even at that length. Ugh.

2007 Tally, DVD: 30

Thursday, May 17

Flushed Away

Cute diversion of a movie. Great attention to detail. Loved the slugs even though in reality, kinda gross. Voice acting was very vigorous - sounded like they were having lots of fun versus the job-like, flat quality that other animated movies sometimes sound like...

2007 Tally, DVD: 29

Wednesday, May 16

Farewell, Old Friend

I feel like a part of me grew up with The Gilmore Girls. I was older than Rory when it started, younger than Lorelei. It was a relationship that I could imagine having with my own mother, but didn't. I was surprised when it was announced that GG wouldn't be continuing, but do feel that it had run its natural course.

One article in particular struck me...It is short and sweet - the perfect tribute.

[Taken from James Wolcott's blog (Vanity Fair correspondent)]
"Here was a show that we'll probably rarely see again. It had heart and smart. It was full of fizzy joy: a '30s screwball comedy reinvented for the new millenium, with Lauren Graham's Lorelai Gilmore as a descendent of thos savvy, fast-talking dames brought to gleeful life by Katharine Hepburn, Rosalind Russell and Carole Lomard. Lorelai's love life was a mess, but she worked on the relationship that counted the most. And a mother-daughter relationship has never been explored with such depth and warmth and sweet, zingy humor than the one between Lorelai and Rory, played expertly by Alexis Bledel. But the show also dared to show Lorelai as a single parent (and a young one, who had Rory at 16), struggling to do the right thing by her child, while trying to find her own sense of self, her independence as a businesswoman and hopefully the right man to share it all with. Lorelai also faced an ongoing battle with her chilly, emotionally distant mother Emily (the deft perfection of Kelly Bishop). Lorelai Gilmore is one of the great characters in TV history, an important one, perhaps the best female charactter since Mary Richards, and don't get me started on thos chowderheads at the Emmy awards who never once gave Graham a nomination for her brilliant, multilayered, often tongue-twisting work."

Sunday, May 13

I Still Heart S&tC

Carrie (S.J. Parker voiceover):
Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate. Without them, what would shape our lives? Perhaps if we never veered off course, we wouldn't fall in love, or have babies, or be who we are. After all, seasons change. So do cities. People come into your life and people go. But it's comforting to know the ones you love are always in your heart.
And if you're very lucky, a plane ride away.

Tuesday, May 8

Spiderman 3

The easiest way to say it is that the movie couldn't possibly live up to the hype. The villains/effects were well done, especially the rendering of Venom. I wasn't overly familiar with Sandman, but those effects during the train battle were pretty cool too.
The film definitely didn't need 3 villains; there was too much crammed into the 2.5 hours and yet, some of it was total filler (ie Maguire in the city with the suit/music montage). Granted they were hoping to finish with a trilogy, but I didn't think it needed to be "wrapped up" so neatly, plus I wasn't totally buying it as far as the, "I'm not a bad person, I had to do it for my daughter" villain reform...

2007 Tally, Theatre: 7

Sunday, May 6

Southern Belles

This one goes under the "what were you thinking?" category. It was a Saturday night and we didn't feel like going out, so we looked for horrible rom-coms and ended up watching this. The main actors were sweet, but the dialogue and accents were horrendous.

2007 Tally, DVD: 28

Wednesday, May 2

The Prestige

Jackman, Caine, and Bale were all excellent. Johannsson seems a bit miscast, not to mention the fact that she isn't really in the film as much as her third billing leads one to believe. Multiple twists keep you guessing. I loved the ad campaign for this one [The Pledge, The Turn, & The Prestige], but surprisingly, I liked the other magician movie better.

2007 Tally, DVD: 27

Tuesday, May 1

2007 Week 18: Top 20on20

1. Never Again – Kelly Clarkson, My December
2. Right Where You Want Me - Jesse McCartney, Right Where You Want Me
3. Lost Without U – Robin Thicke, The Evolution of Robin Thicke
4. Breathe Me (Mylo Remix) - Sia, Colour the Small One
5. La Familia (Guy Sigsworth Remix) - Mirah, You Think It’s Like This But Really It’s Like This
6. Rehab – Amy Winehouse, Back to Black
7. Bittersweet Faith – Bitter:Sweet, The Mating Game
8. Makes Me Wonder – Maroon 5, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long
9. Dial "O" - Melora Hardin, Purr
10. How Do I Deal - Jennifer Love Hewitt, I Know What You Did Last Summer OST
11. Ride It (Hex Hector Mix) - Geri Halliwell, Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
12. A Good Start - Maria Taylor, Lynn Teeter Flower
13. Time (Clock of the Heart) - Culture Club, Kissing to be Clever
14. B.P.M. (Beats Per Minute) – Kylie Minogue, B-side of 'I Believe in You'
15. Que Hiciste - Jennifer Lopez, Como Ama Una Mujer
16. Jack Sparrow - Hans Zimmer, Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man’s Chest OST
17. Don't Get It Twisted - Gwen Stefani, The Sweet Escape
18. Pass That Dutch - Missy Elliott, This is Not a Test!
19. Freedom '90 - George Michael, Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael
20. Not Ur Girl - Katharine McPhee, Katharine McPhee