Sunday, December 30

Live Free or Die Hard

Wasn't expecting much, but it was pretty well done for the genre. Suprisingly coherent plot - liked the action sequences, although, of course somewhat unbelievable as far as how often these people get banged around and still get up and fight.

2007 Tally, DVD: 64

Friday, December 28

The Heartbreak Kid

It's as if the Farrelly Brothers took all the leftover jokes from their previous movies and mashed them together. A major disappointment.

2007 Tally, dvd: 63

Tuesday, December 25

I Am Legend

Well done, somewhat scarier than expected sci-fi film. W.Smith did a tremendous job carrying the majority of the movie. Some of the plot points I felt could have been expanded upon (i.e. his family, how the virus started turning), but overall entertaining.

2007 Tally, Theatre: 14

Wednesday, December 19

Tuesday, December 18

Four Brothers

Semi-violent movie, but with an unexpected heart.

2007 Tally, dvr: 6

Monday, December 17

Double Feature: Evening/Lucky You

For all the famous names in the film, the acting was not as good as expected. Part of that, I guess had to do with the plot and time framing of the film. The other part of it may have had to do with the fact that it was so character heavy that all of them couldn't possibly have loads to do. It wasn't horrible, just not the Oscar bait, I'm sure the makers were hoping for.


Father-son picture that was marketed as a love story. Good acting all around. Some of the sidebets were more interesting than the poker playing main plot. Colorful characters abound in the side-world that could have been examined more; it was a bit of a somber movie.

2007 Tally, DVD: 61 & 62

Monday, December 10

The Nanny Diaries

I read this book and it was so great until about the last 2 chapters. I am happy that they changed the ending for the movie; I found it much more fulfilling. S.Johannsson was surprising in the role of the put-upon nanny, and L.Linney made a one-note role into a really nuanced character.

2007 Tally, DVD: 60

Sunday, December 9

Loving Annabelle

This was a really sweet, albeit not terribly likely love story. I had a hard time believing that the teacher in this situation wouldn't have handled it much differently and also the ending seemed really public (a private school usually doesn't handle things in this matter as far as I can surmise).

2007 Tally, dvr: 5

Friday, December 7

Art School Confidential

Honestly, I wasn't sure what to make of this film. I was expecting a "fish-out-of-water" experience story, and ended up with this really crazy, character study, murder mystery, love-story-but-not-quite movie. Acting was well-done, but I found it really confusing to follow.

2007 Tally, DVD: 59

Thursday, December 6

20on20: Week 49

1. Three Wishes – The Pierces, Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge
2. Gimme More – Britney Spears, Blackout
3. Stripper – Soho Dolls, Ribbed Music for the Numbed Generation
4. Last Christmas – Wham!
5. Rock Star – Roisin Murphy, Overpowered
6. Space Dementia - Muse, Origin of Symmetry
7. Wannabe – The Spice Girls, Spice
8. Believe – The Bravery, The Sun and the Moon
9. With You – Sum 41, Underclass Hero
10. One Week of Danger – The Virgins, ’07 EP
11. I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here – Audra McDonald & Alicia Morton, OST Annie (1999)
12. Touch Me Like That – Dannii Minogue vs. Jason Nevins, TMLT - single
13. Carmen Suite No.2 (Habanera) – Bizet, Opera – Carmen
14. Something Like That – Tim, Gossip Girl, Episode 5
15. I Will Show You Love – Kendall Payne, Paper Skin
16. For Good – Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth, OBC Wicked
17. If It’s Lovin’ You Want Part 2 – Rihanna (feat. Corey Gunz), A Girl Like Me
18. Young Folks – Peter Bjorn & John, Writer's Block
19. Apologize – Timbaland (feat. OneRepublic), Shock Value
20. Hit Me Up – Gia Farrell, OST Happy Feet

Wednesday, November 28

Amazing Grace

The movie equivalent of brussel sprouts - good for you, but not enjoyable at all. It was such a boring movie that I had a hard time even looking forward to the inevitable feel-good ending.

2007 Tally, DVD: 58

Wednesday, November 21

20on20: Week 47

1. Stripper – Soho Dolls, Ribbed Music for the Numbed Generation
2. Space Dementia - Muse, Origin of Symmetry
3. Ladies & Gentlemen – Saliva, Blood Stained Love Story
4. Believe – The Bravery, The Sun and the Moon
5. Carmen Suite No.2 (Habanera) – Bizet, Opera - Carmen
6. I Will Show You Love – Kendall Payne, Paper Skin
7. One Week of Danger – The Virgins, ’07 EP
8. With You – Sum 41, Underclass Hero
9. Something Like That – Tim, Gossip Girl, Episode 5
10. Look After You – The Fray, How To Save A Life
11. If It’s Lovin’ You Want Part 2 – Rihanna (feat. Corey Gunz), Good Girl Gone Bad
12. For Good – Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth, OBC Wicked
13. The Ballad of Gus and Sam – Ferraby Lionheart, Catch The Brass Ring
14. Fool’s Gold – Katie Herzig, Grey’s Anatomy, S4 Episode 5
15. Young Folks – Peter Bjorn & John, Writer's Block
16. The Gift – Angels & Airwaves, We Don’t Need to Whisper
17. The Queen & I – Gym Class Heroes, As Cruel As Schoolchildren
18. Glamorous [Fergie cover] – The Constance Billard Choir, Gossip Girl, Episode 3
19. Money – Jesca Hoop, Kismet
20. New Year’s Prayer – Jeff Buckley, Sketches for my Sweetheart at the Drunk

Monday, November 19


I had such high hopes for this movie. I love a good, loud summer popcorn film. Somehow or other, I forgot that I was a girl! This movie was not for girls. It is for boys of a certain age who used to play with their toys and run over little girls' Barbies. That said, the CGI was amazing, and the plot/acting was just filler.

2007 Tally, DVD: 57

Thursday, November 15

Get Smart - Summer 2008

I'm trying to decide. I'm hoping for fun summer movie!
Is it going to be good, bad, or somewhere in between?
Will Carell be over-the-top or just right?
Will Hathaway be a great Agent 99 or not-quite?

Wednesday, November 7

20on20: Week 45

1. Believe – The Bravery, The Sun and the Moon
2. If It’s Lovin’ You Want Part 2 – Rihanna (feat. Corey Gunz), Good Girl Gone Bad
3. Fool’s Gold – Katie Herzig, Grey’s Anatomy, S4 Episode 5
4. For Good – Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth, OBC Wicked
5. The Ballad of Gus and Sam – Ferraby Lionheart, Catch The Brass Ring
6. Glamorous [Fergie cover] – The Constance Billard Choir, Gossip Girl, Episode 3
7. Space Dementia - Muse, Origin of Symmetry
8. I Don’t Wanna Be – Gavin DeGraw, Chariot
9. There’s a Pot A Brewin’ – The Little Ones, Lovers Who Uncover
10. I Will Show You Love – Kendall Payne, Paper Skin
11. The Gift – Angels & Airwaves, We Don’t Need to Whisper
12. The Queen & I – Gym Class Heroes, As Cruel As Schoolchildren
13. Look After You – The Fray, How To Save A Life
14. Dig - Incubus, Light Grenades
15. Young Folks – Peter Bjorn & John, Writer's Block
16. Dream On - Depeche Mode, Exciter
17. Jump Around – House of Pain, self-titled
18. Money – Jesca Hoop, Kismet
19. Ladies & Gentlemen – Saliva, Blood Stained Love Story
20. Breathe Me (Mylo Remix) - Sia, Colour the Small One

Tuesday, November 6

The Ultimate Gift

This film was a little bit "all-over-the-board" as it was a little life-lesson, adventure, love story, character piece, but I liked it anyway. At times, I had no idea where "it was going." Standout acting esp. from A.Breslin.

2007 Tally, DVD: 56

Monday, October 29

Last Holiday

Movie equivalent to whipped cream - sweet, frothy, light.
Wasted use of talent and charisma - not horrible, but certainly not great.

2007 Tally, dvr: 3

Sunday, October 28

The L Word: Season 1

I got hooked on this show this year. Unfortunately, this past winter was season 4 of the show. I had a good bit of catch up on the history of the characters. I enjoyed S4 a lot, but I would have liked it even more if I had seen previous seasons.

My boyfriend at the time of the original viewings told me that you start watching because of the s3x and stay because the characters and plotlines draw you in. I have to agree with that assessment because I love the characters. They have a sincerity and rawness about them that makes one believe that they are 3-dimensional and you almost feel that they could be your friends.

The show is really well-done and I felt, only minorly gratuitous (of course, personal opinion). I suppose it's not something that you're going to watch with your parents (ha!).

2007 Tally, DVD: 52-55

Thursday, October 18

20on20: Week 41?!?!

1. Believe – The Bravery, The Sun and the Moon
2. Glamorous [Fergie cover] – The Constance Billard Choir, Gossip Girl, Episode 3
3. If It’s Lovin’ You Want Part 2 – Rihanna (feat. Corey Gunz), Good Girl Gone Bad
4. Young Folks – Peter Bjorn & John, Writer's Block
5. Taking Chances – Celine Dion, Taking Chances
6. Dig – Incubus, Light Grenades
7. The Ballad of Gus and Sam – Ferraby Lionheart, Catch The Brass Ring
8. Money – Jesca Hoop, Kismet
9. Gimme More (Azriel Drake’s Impurity Remix) – Britney Spears, Blackout
10. Ladies & Gentlemen – Saliva, Blood Stained Love Story
11. Dirty Laundry – Bitter:Sweet, The Mating Game
12. Stronger [K.West cover] – 30 Seconds From Mars
13. The Little Things – Colbie Caillat, Coco
14. Look After You – The Fray, How To Save A Life
15. The Way I Are. – Timbaland, Timbaland Presents Shock Value
16. Possum Kingdom – The Toadies, Rubberneck
17. City of Night – Pink Martini, Hey Eugene!
18. The Queen & I – Gym Class Heroes, As Cruel As Schoolchildren
19. Lay Lady Lay (feat. Gemma Hayes) – Magnet, OST – Mr.& Mrs. Smith
20. B.P.M. (Beats Per Minute) – Kylie Minogue, B-side of ‘I Believe in You’

Tuesday, October 16


Corny little film about the importance of family. A few laugh out loud moments were had.

2007 Tally, dvr: 2

Sunday, October 14

Musings on Moonlight

Granted as a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other vampire films, I was already part of the show's built-in demographic, however, I was all ready to hate the show.

Friday night death slot? Check.

Multiple cast changes? Check.

Private eye? Been there, done that.

Biggest "name" in the cast is Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars. Not being a fan of VM, that was even a bit of a detriment for me watching.

I set in to watch it not once, twice, but three times...falling asleep within 10 minutes the first two runs. And then, the third time was the charm. I'm hooked.

The show, while not necessarily breaking new ground, has a slightly original plotline between the two main characters. The girl was kidnapped as a child and the vamp found/saved her and subsequently kept track of her throughout the years. Now she is grown up and a reporter for a local news program, and their paths cross again. He seems to be torn between fatherly concern and true love (?). I don't know how long they can bring on the "bad guy of the week" plot and hold a show like this together without its completely overreaching reality, but it is holding its own in the timeslot.

Wednesday, October 10

Musings on Pushing Daisies

How can one hate a show where the hero's hometown is Couer d'Couers (heart of hearts)? Fascinating show, terrific engaging cast. A lot of reviewers have been using the word "twee" to describe the show - I don't know if I find that word revealing or revolting. There's something about it that just doesn't seem right.

Unusual, eccentric in a quaint way says Ned in the second episode to describe something and I would use those words to describe Pushing Daisies.

I hadn't thought of the fact that your reaction to death may inform how you view this show, however I suppose that would be true. Death, of course, is a very personal thing. On the same token - the honeyed voice of Jim Dale, the crackling dialogue, the super Technicolor saturation - this may help one get past the reality of the premise.

Friday, October 5

Musings on Dirty Sexy Money

I don't think I could love this show more. At first, "great title" - then Wednesdays at 10, "great time slot." And then...

Well, and then, the opening with the blaring rock music and funeral, where you meet The Darlings. Gave me chills, I tell ya.

Ok, the characters are a tad grating, not at all like anyone you've ever met or probably will ever have the chance to meet, but fun as hell to watch. Acting is really slick, esp. Sutherland and Krause. And I think the plots will get even more interesting without all the setup required in the pilot.

Thursday, October 4

fx - Nip/Tuck (Oct 30)

McNamara/Troy going west coastal...

Less than a month away, catch up on last season and gird yourselves...

Thursday, September 27

Plea to The CW

Move it out of the way now! Wednesdays at 9pm is a total death slot vs. Bionic Woman & Private Practice. Move it before it dies a premature've already put so much time and effort into the hype - I'm thinking Tuesdays in the 8pm spot - it would put the GG back where it belongs in the lineup. =)

Wednesday, September 26

Flight of the Phoenix

On my list of movies to see for some reason. Old-fashioned, "hopes and dreams" picture - sweeping landscape and a lot of character building.

2007 Tally, dvr: 1

Tuesday, September 25

Musings on Chuck

I saw this pilot a little while ago, not last night when it "premiered."

This is one those shows that I feel like I was supposed to love or hate. I have watched it at least 3 times, and still can't quite figure out what was missing. I think it's because the show is not totally tongue-in-cheek (remember Sledgehammer?), it's not totally serious (like Alias), and this in-between hybrid thing, I'm not so sure about. Hopefully, as time progresses, the tone will change to one or the other.

Sunday, September 16

Double Feature: I Think I Love My Wife/Broken English

Short changed as a comedy and as a drama, it was like this film couldn't quite decide what it wanted to be "when it grew up". The premise was decent, and the actors are likeable, but the roles were all one-dimensional.


Sweet little movie that seemed forced as far as plot. It was just "too easy" for the main character to have all this time as a unhappy singleton and then voila? Chemistry between Posey and suitors seemed non-existent; she had the most with de Matteo, who played her best friend. Liked it anyway, but wouldn't recommend it.

2007 Tally, DVD: 50 & 51

Tuesday, September 11

The CW - Gossip Girl (Sept 19)

Picture credit: Entertainment Weekly
So many shows to be excited about...

This is one that I am getting cable installed for, in order to dvr the premiere.

Tuesday, September 4


I can't say enough about how funny this movie is...See it! The end. :)

2007 Tally, Theatre: 13

Monday, September 3

Double Feature: The Ex/The Punisher

Not even passable as a sitcom. For as many well-known actors (and likeable), I thought there would be a few highlights; one could only hope that it was more fun to make than to watch.


Pretty standard anti-hero film. Some of Travolta's lines (as the badguy) were so cheesy that you had to inwardly chuckle and groan. Liked T.Jane as The Punisher even though he doesn't look like he's from Latino descent (part of the character's history).

2007 Tally, DVD: 48-49

Wednesday, August 29

The Door In The Floor

Good acting, although I did not like any of the characters all that much. For the all the pent up emotions, it did not translate "out of" the screen; I was mostly disappointed in this film.

2007 Tally, DVD: 47

Sunday, August 26

Weeds, Season 2

Just finished the 2nd season set and even though there is a certain level of suspension of disbelief that it takes to watch this show, it's unbelievably well written, well acted and the inventiveness of the plot, well, just wow.

2007 Tally, DVD: 45-46

Wednesday, August 22

Wild Hogs

More plot than I expected, but overall pretty much what the ads would lead you to believe. A few chuckles here and there...

2007 Tally, DVD: 44

Sunday, August 19

The Ringer

Movie with a message - a little crude in parts, but not too bad. Knoxville was even sympathetic in the main role.

2007 tally, DVD: 43

Friday, August 10


Not only was this film hard to follow, but when I did kind of figure it out, I was annoyed. A waste of the actors' talents, all of whom I normally find really appealing.

2007 Tally, DVD: 42

Sunday, August 5

The Bourne Ultimatum

Lots of action and thrills - some of the camera work was so close to "point of view" that it made one a bit dizzy. The Bourne character is interesting, but the supporting characters were even moreso. J.Allen was excellent and so expressive even though she is a "suit" rather than an operative in the film. Strathairn was excellent too in the showier role.

2007 Tally, Theatre: 12

Tuesday, July 31

20on20: July Vacation Special

1. LDN – Lily Allen, Alright, Still…
2. I Don’t Want To Be – Gavin DeGraw, Chariot
3. I Should Be So Lucky – Kylie Minogue, Showgirl Tour from Sydney Live
4. Lay Lady Lay (feat. Gemma Hayes) – Magnet, OST – Mr. & Mrs. Smith
5. Raspberry Beret – Prince, Around the World in a Day
6. Me & My Imagination – Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Trip the Light Fantastic
7. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson, Thriller
8. Bittersweet Faith – Bitter:Sweet, OST – The Devil Wears Prada
9. Caravan – The John Buzon Trio, Ultra-Lounge series
10. The Best is Yet to Come – Michael Buble, Call Me Irresponsible
11. Beautiful Stranger – Madonna, OST – Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
12. California 2005 – Phantom Planet, Music From The O.C. Mix 6
13. New Year’s Prayer – Jeff Buckley, Sketches for my Sweetheart at the Drunk
14. Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne, The Best Damn Thing
15. The Good Kind – The Wreckers, Stand Still, Look Pretty
16. We Float – PJ Harvey, Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
17. Inside Your Head – Eberg, Voff Voff
18. Kashmir – Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti
19. Yummy (Disco Tetris Remix) – Gwen Stefani (feat. Pharrell), The Sweet Escape 20. Makes Me Wonder [clean version] – Maroon 5, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long

Wednesday, July 25


Can't say enough about it - compelling television.
Well executed, tightly edited, and
brilliantly acted by Close and Danson.
They'll be repeating it all week...try to catch it, folks!

Sunday, July 22


Slow-burning indie about a southern family and the intricacies of their relationships with each other and the woman who married their son, whom they are meeting for the first time. All the characters are fully-realized and acting was excellent all-around. Star-making turn from Oscar nom Adams.

2007 Tally, DVD: 41

Tuesday, July 17

Puccini For Beginners

I like Reaser and Kirk, but this film was definitely not worthy of them. The sidekick roles were funny and it would have been interesting to see more of those 2 actresses. Also, the coincidences between the meeting of all the characters was a little much...

2007 Tally, Online: 4

Monday, July 16

Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix

Everyone's grown - Radcliffe is almost in danger of outgrowing the role, he's only semi-believable as a 15 year old. However, all three main actors have a stronghold on their roles. E.Lynch as Luna Lovegood was a standout, almost exactly how I imagined her. Villians are especially well-played in this one, Staunton is really creepy and would have liked to see her even more in the film. Even having read the book, however, I found this film a bit hard to follow and I don't know if I would find the film half as enjoyable if I hadn't read them. Action at the end was particularly good as far as effects.

2007 Tally, Theatre: 11

Thursday, July 5

The Painted Veil

Beautifully shot, nicely nuanced film. Acting was wonderful all around. Some of the plot seemed a little short-handed; there seemed to be a bunch of "fill in the blanks" where you had to assume things about the characters/goings on.

2007 Tally, DVD: 40

Wednesday, June 27

Double Feature: Gray Matters/The Bourne Supremacy

Indie film with a strange premise of brother and sister being so close that they are mistaken for a dating/married couple. Cavanagh is pleasant and has less to do than in [the tv show] Ed. Graham wears very cute outfits and her bubbliness actually seems to fit this character rather than being cartoonish. Anybody could have been in Moynahan's role; it was basically a bit/cardboard part, even though the character is central to the plot. Loved all the supporting players who were all under-utilized.


Great spy thriller. Taut action scenes and decent plot development. "Exotic" locations were filmed well, except a tad too black, blue, and dim in some places - it was tough to make out some of the movement. Really liked the interplay between Damon and Allen. Excited for the third installment coming in August.

2007 Tally, DVD: 38 & 39

Monday, June 25

[Tyler Perry's] Daddy's Little Girls

Likeable actors populate this feel good film about doing things right by your family. Romance storyline was flimsy, but enjoyed it anyway.

2007 Tally, DVD: 37

Thursday, June 21

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Let me tell you, I really wanted to like this movie, but it was completely cheesy, contrived, and frankly, a little boring. Watch the trailer a few times instead because a) that's free b) it's shorter and c) it's more exciting than the whole movie put together.

2007 Tally, Theatre: 10

Tuesday, June 12

2007 Week 24: 20on20

1. Me And My Imagination – Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Trip the Light Fantastic
2. Love Machine/Wake Me Up – Girls Aloud, The Sound of Girls Aloud: The Greatest Hits
3. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps – Geri Halliwell, Bag It Up
4. California – A.B. O’Neill, Grey’s Anatomy Season 3
5. Ladies Choice - Mandy Moore, Wild Hope
6. Put The Needle On It – Dannii Minogue, Neon Nights
7. Me & Mr. Jones – Amy Winehouse, Back to Black
8. The Best Is Yet To Come – Michael Buble, Call Me Irresponsible
9. Here Comes Another One – Groove Terminator, Road Kill
10. Never Again – Kelly Clarkson, My December
11. Right Where You Want Me - Jesse McCartney, Right Where You Want Me
12. La Familia (Guy Sigsworth Remix) - Mirah, You Think It’s Like This But Really It’s Like This
13. Paris Je T’aime – Elisabeth Anais, Paris Je T’aime OST
14. Lost Without U – Robin Thicke, The Evolution of Robin Thicke
15. Woke Up This Morning – Alabama 3, The Sopranos OST
16. B.P.M. (Beats Per Minute) – Kylie Minogue, B-side of 'I Believe in You'
17. Shake That – Eminem (feat. Nate Dogg), Curtain Call: The Hits
18. To Be A Lover – Billy Idol, Whiplash Smile
19. How Do I Deal - Jennifer Love Hewitt, I Know What You Did Last Summer OST
20. Breathe Me (Mylo Remix) - Sia, Colour the Small One

Monday, June 11

The Departed

Well-acted, tightly plotted film. Did not think it was necessarily "The Best Picture" and compared to other Scorsese films - well, he is certainly deserving of an Oscar, but this wasn't his best either. Kept me on the edge of my seat with all the twists and turns. Thought that Damon and Baldwin were particularly good in the all-star cast.

2007 Tally, DVD: 36

Friday, June 8

Blood Diamond

Acting was okay, but not to the level that I expected for this "Oscar bait" type of film. DiCaprio and Connelly were virtually chemistry-free; her whole character seemed extraneous, in fact. Film was very violent - although I assume very realistic to the situation there. It definitely makes you think twice about the diamond industry as a whole.

2007 Tally, DVD: 35

Thursday, June 7

Knocked Up

The premise of this movie, as a single girl, really puts it close to home. Acting was believable, in some cases, a little too believable (um, like it wasn't even acting). Really can't imagine the 2 main roles played by anyone else [I find it fascinating that Heigl's character was supposed to be played by A.Hathaway until she dropped out.]. I thought it was funny and moving. The way the characters grew (and talked) throughout the movie seemed realistic and organic.

2007 Tally, Theatre: 9

Tuesday, June 5

Kathy Griffin: Everybody Can Suck It!

I can't tell you how hard this woman makes me laugh...

New special premiered before Life on the D-List -- For me, best quote as follows:

[Kathy on the Olsen twins]
Let me tell you something, I'm f-king scared of those little midgets.
I am. Because they're SO filthy rich that they could just
f-king cut you with hundred dollar bills.