Monday, March 12

Game Change

Read this book last year. Thought it was a fascinating account of the 2008 Presidential election. I thought the framing of the story to focus on Palin was a good choice for people to watch, however, they REALLY fleshed the Palin/McCain story out and made a lot more of it than the book did.

Obviously liked the book much more, but the acting was really well done in this movie. Moore did a spectacular job as Palin, and Sarah Paulson was terrific in her role as Nicole Wallace. Woody Harrelson keeps getting better with each role I see him in. In some respects, they didn't need a McCain at all...very small role considering his role in the book and the election itself.

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Wednesday, March 7

Reading: Gregor the Overlander

It's seems interesting enough, but for some reason, I really can't connect to the characters. And as such, am not that interested in their fates. I'm halfway through the first book. I've been told that it gets pretty epic (e.g. Hunger Games proportions), but I'm not convinced.

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Movies Tally 2012

January 2012
1. No Strings Attached (streaming)
2. But I'm A Cheerleader (vcr!)
3. We Bought a Zoo (theater)

February 2012
4. The Vow (theater)
5. Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chip-wrecked (theater)

March 2012
6. Wanderlust (theater)